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Stipes Stallions…Where Great Minds Roam!

74 Responses

  1. Great practice sites Mrs. Swanson your a great teacher!!!

    • Hey mrs.swanson its kaley rember? Im in hanes i got told that you know mrs.moss right im not sure? I miss fourth grade and stipes (and you of corse ).

  2. Mrs.Swanson why do you have to be the best teacher in the world!!!!=]

  3. that power point was great niow i understand lattice mult. =]

  4. Mrs.Swanson, y would u ever be our teacher? I know, because u always want to inspire us!!!! I hope u would be our teacher for the our intire LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. miss u in middle school though. :-{

  6. !!!!!!!i love math!!!!!!

    • ♥mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me to! lol♥

  7. nice!!!♥ 8-|

  8. ♥♥♥♥♥hope i ace allllll my test this week!!!!!!!!!! wish me good luck!!!!♥♥♥♥♥

  9. and i hope all u guys do toooo☺☺☺☺♥♥♥♥☻☻☻☻

  10. the game it reallyyy helps :P !!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :|]

  11. great web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) =)

  12. Did you give us our unit 6 family letter today? Because I don’t have one.

  13. best taecher!!!!!!!!!

  14. best teacher

  15. nice!!!!! game :-D :P

  16. Mrs.Swanson, For the mythology tic-tac-toe project, the comic strips , can we do the comic on computer instead of drawing on paper because I found this site that I can make comic strips.

    you can reply on my E-mail :)

  17. Dear Mrs. Swanson,
    for my TPSP product I have thought over the video thing I think I could make the video to show but I’m going to make a different product as well maybe a powerpoint… Is that ok?

    You can e-mail me on my e-mail.

  18. Mrs. Swanson, can you tell me the password for brainpop because I need to go on it on my computer at home.. Thx :)

  19. Dear Mrs.Swanson
    I don’t think I have time to make the donating thing but I will still try. It’s because Im making a brochure, powerpoint, website, and a PSA.


  20. Mrs swanson can u please tell me all the words for the science test b/c I left my paper at school in my desk
    Sorry, thanks

  21. where is the extra practice

  22. Where is the extra math practice for STAAR?

  23. Im confused on how to do Mla

  24. Nice website mrs.swanson i beat the game it was easy ! thanks for the website

  25. thanks for everything :)

  26. ;0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o

  27. wish me luck for showcase :D :P :)

  28. :p your the best teacher in the world

  29. :) :D :P

  30. Hi I love learning with you miss Swanson and I finally found where to reply see you Monday

  31. thank you for teaching me analogies.

  32. Hi Mrs.Swanson! I miss you, I hope you haven’t forgotten me yet😊! I am surpassing middle school🅰➕💯(thanks to you!) and I promise to visit you and tell you more! K.I.T. (Keep in touch!) 📧

  33. hi mrs.swanson i miss u we are learning alot in lbj

  34. :)

  35. I studied for my spelling bee Mrs.Swanson B)

  36. i will miss u Mrs.S

  37. Hi Mrs.Swanson i survived the second week of middle school

  38. Hey Mrs. Swanson, I survived my first year of middle school, and hopefully my second year too.

  39. Hi Mrs.Swanson i miss u

  40. I love this class.
    PS: Mrs.Swanson rocks.

  41. Hey Mrs.Swanson. I just wanted to say hi. :)

  42. Hey, remember me!!!!!
    Just found your web link and wanted to see how things are going.


  44. I love mythology. The Odyssey is fun to read as a rainy day myth.

  45. I love Book Clubs

  46. :D

  47. I can’t wait to have our final meeting for book clubs! Now that we’ll have finished A Wrinkle In Time, I’ll get to move on to A Wind in the Door.

  48. Your right Cristina, the fist book was such a cliff hanger. I am sad that book clubs are over. I hope they do this next year too. I AM SO SAD THAT THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER!!!

  49. School is almost out! :( :( :(

  50. I can’t wait until the last day. I am going to bring my phone and take pictures of everyone. :) :(

  51. I miss school and being a Swanson Scholar so much already!

  52. Man I already miss school
    I also wonder why I am up so late

  53. I miss you so much mrs.swanson I wish you would come to sixth grade with us and be are history teacher I am going to miss you but I will come visit you some time I’ll try. you’ve been a great teacher and I will always pretend that I have a mini you on my shoulder to help and to tell me that I need to do my projects. LOL. I am going to miss you.

  54. I miss you so much Mrs. Swanson. Middle School is awesome and so is LISD. Go CVMS Wildcats!!!

  55. How is teaching 4th grade Mrs. Swanson??

  56. Hey Mrs.Swanson!!! Did you have a nice summer? I miss you SO much! 6th grade(or Middle School in general) has been different than 5th grade in many ways. I also hope that the 4th graders you have been teaching are behaving themselves, especially my little brother!

  57. I love you mrs.swanson this will be a great year!

  58. HI Mrs. Swanson I can’t believe I’m in the 8th!!! The Swanson scholars are well prepared. And it’s all thanks to you! We love you Mrs. Swanson!!

    • Samantha, your words literally brought tears to my eyes. It makes me so happy to know that you and all of the other Swanson Scholars are being successful in middle school and still love learning so much!

      I was so excited that I got to hear you present your Research 4 Discovery Project at Singley this year. It was amazing! Continue to work hard in your GT/AP classes because I can tell you are learning so much (and truly developing that wonderful brain of yours). Have a great start to your 1st year in High school– I cannot believe it!

  59. Hi Ms.Swanson it Judy from 2012-2013. I cant belive im in 7th grade. All that you thought me in class (mostly history) came really help full right know (learning tx history). I really miss stipes, I really loved the mythology part of your class.

    • It is so good to hear from you Yuriria!! I can’t believe you are are about to be an 8th grader. It makes me so happy to know that you are using your prior knowledge of US history now that you are studying about the history of Texas. I’ll also never forget how much you loved mythology! We sure had fun in class, didn’t we?

      I hope you have a wonderful start to your school year. Best of luck and stay in touch!

  60. miss you

    • Well, it is almost time for school to start back up again- so I will see you soon! :) You’ll be a wonderful 5th grade leader for our school! I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer!

  61. Hi Mrs. Swanson! It’s Christina from 2 years ago. I can’t believe that I’m a 7th grader. This is my 2nd year in Carrollton. I was hoping to see you around but I never saw you. My brother (Kennett) is in high school now. He goes to Hebron now.

  62. hi Mrs. Swanson you are the best teacher ever!

  63. Ever since being in your classroom I’ve always remembered what you taught me for example PEMDAS, I love you mrs.Swanson thank you so much!

  64. Hi Mrs.swanson i miss you so far 5th grade is awesome i hope Amy is loving your class because you are the best teacher in the world thank you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  65. Hey Mrs.Swanson, this is Erica Upthegrove I know that its been a long time and I just wanted to say that I thank you for being such a devoted and plain AWESOME teacher!

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